Finiko – стань инвестором благодаря автоматизированной системе генерации прибыли

become an investor with Automated Profit Generation System.

Take care of any business, but don’t give up on your finances.

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Why we’re different

Investor gets 1 – 1,3 % every working day

Why we’re different

The investor receives 1-1. 3% every business day

Why we’re different

We are trusted by succeeded investors all over the world

Why we’re different

You can by a flat or a car only for 35%

Why we’re different

Traders work on 4 leading marketplaces

Why we’re different

We offer anti - franchise on favorable terms

Take a chance to master
your investment skills.
Buy assets that generate cash
flow to cover up financial issues steadily.

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Investments – rest on the Islands and get money!

Profit from the third working day
Investments in CTI index are about 23%.
Get passive income without trading skills.
1 – 1, 3% of dividends daily, except weekends.
Master Card with cashback to 25%
Minimal entrance sum is 1000 $
Secure automated algorithms for profit generation

Invest from 1000$, get real money and forget about the financial crises forever!

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Consumer programs – nothing is impossible!

Yes, it’s real to become a successful investor without trading skills!
Still have doubts?
Join the program ZFZ35 (AT35, KV35, ZK35), which give the opportunity:

  • AT35 – to by a car for 35% of total value
  • KV35 – to buy a flat or a house for 35% of its total value
  • ZK35 – to pay off your loans or mortgage for 35% of outstanding balance

To make a dream come true:

  • Sign up for access
  • Deposit 35% of the total amount of the debt or purchase
  • Pay service fee (1% of the total price of purchase or loan)
  • Make one – time contribution for annual contract service – 165$

You’re inspired? So this is only beginning of the way to real money! Dreams need to come true!

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Choose your own way to get money:

Get maximum cashback with your «Finiko» Master Card

  • Cashback from 15% to 25% for any card purchase
  • 6% per month on your account balance
  • Direct savings
  • Recommend the card to your friends and get it free!

Total savings of all card purchases can be 25%

Finiko Life – get rid of endless expenses

We pay for:

  • Housing and communal services
  • Education payments
  • Travelling
  • Cost of medicines and operations

Finiko Education – good investment in your happy future

Pay only 30% for your education, the company cover remaining amount.

Finiko Franchise – start your own business, support yourself

Open Finiko representative office in your city and get additional income

  • Ready –to–use web site
  • Education and instructions provided
  • Taking part in promotions
  • No lump payments

Scale your business, develop your competencies and start to think like an investor!

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Why choose us:

Our traders know how to work efficiently. Just check it out personally: sign up, deposit 2000$ and give them 3 – 5 days to manage it. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Investor can give part of the income to charity. All funds of the charity project "I love living" go to help children.
You have much to gain by working with us
The most unique software algorithms with a reliable financial flow distribution system!

Join our programs and grow your income!


Ivan Brovko
Tamara Andryusishina
Ajrat Musin
Ravil' Mudarisov
Anna Bel'skaya
Yuliya Kormishina
Galimzan Nurutdinov
El'za Husnutdinova
Kirill Dobatovkin


Answers to frequently asked questions

What is index CTI?

It is a set of 25 tools on different exchanges. The deposit is distributed among all tools. They give different profits: one exchange +3%, another -+2%, the third -+3%, that's why the overall percentage of growth is high.

Are there any partner programs, bonuses for attracting new people to the CTI index?

Yes, there are. ''Finiko'' provides multi - level partner program.

Why do the founders say that they don't give any guarantees?

We are investing in high-profitable and at the same time in high-risk tools. So we minimize the risks by increasing the number of tools (25) and competent traders. Each of traders makes his own trading decision. As for guarantees - nobody gives them in the sphere of high-risk investments. Our investors are getting stable payments without delay for more than one year.

What exchanges do traders use? What brokers do they work with?

Our traders work on 4 exchanges:
1. Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Brokers
- AMP Global Clearinung
- NinjaTrader
- Interactive Brokers
2. Moscow Exchange
3. Forex
- IC markets
4. BitMex

Why do you use so many tools?

The more tools, the safer your investments. Using of 1-4 tools only can make the loss. But it can be set off by profits from the other tools. 24 tools can not make the loss at the same time. So investors money is safe.

What are the Secure Trading Rules in your company?

1. Each trader leaves 25% of his income on the company account. If the trade fails, traders will bear the loss, not investor or a company.
2. Maximum drawdown risk (decrease as a result of loss – making trades) which trader can have is 1,5% per day.

How to calculate the sum quickly to pay off the loan?

Sign up for access in our system. In your personal account click on the tab ''My debt''>''Add a new debt''. Calculations do not oblige you to sign a contract and pay. You can do it whenever you're ready. Also in your account you can find a step-by-step video how to do it.

How much money do I need to pay off my loan?

There are few steps.
For example, your debt to bank is 2 000 000 RUB.
You pay for:
35% of your debt – 700 000 RUB.
1% for service fee – 20 000 RUB.
10 000 RUB for annual contract service.
Each month you will get 210 000 RUB. Your loan will be covered during 10 months.

How can I get my money after 120 days?

1. After 120 days you will get a sum to pay income taxes. The sum depends from citizenship and differs according to the law of your country.
2. After the confirmation of your tax payment, you will get full amount to buy your car in accordance to our contract.

What can I buy if I join the program ''Car/Real Property for 35%"?

If you join the program, you can buy new or second hand vehicles.
As for real property: a flat, garage, a house, land, commercial real estate.

Why do you involve investments by car, loan and flat programs, if the company is already developing rapidly?

1. After completing our obligations to you, the money stay in our company account and work for us.
2. Clients recommend us to their friends. That’s how people join our programs.

How to add funds to my card or withdraw them?

You can add funds in your personal account and withdraw it from any ATM

Which Bank is the cashback card linked to ?

The card linked to Singapore Banking System "The Moon"

Can I pay housing and public utilities, and other services?

Yes, you will get cashback like from other purchases.

What determines the percentage of cashback?

Starting cash back is 15%. The more purchases, the more cash back you take. If anybody buys this card based on your recommendation, your cash back will increase. Maximum cash back is 25%

Any other questions?

Sign up to access or connect with us using the contacts listed on the site. And you will get answers to all your questions.